Volunteer Garden Flag


What started with one volunteer wondering what do with their personal collection of yearly volunteer t-shirts has turned into a unique way to show Pelotonia pride.  Each t-shirt flag has the same multiple arrow logo on both the front and back, with a polyester interfacing sewn in-between to give it a thicker flag feel.  Plenty of room at the bottom gives you space to personalize with a sharpie, patches, etc. and make it your own tribute flag.

Suzanne’s Story:

Normally I would spend my summer gearing up and planning to lend a hand with all my lead volunteer duties for Pelotonia.  In my administrative role at The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, I work with many of our James Cancer Surgeons.  Joining the Pelotonia team as a lead volunteer is the best way I can honor them and thank them for all they do!  As each year passes, my gratitude grows even more personal as they now have helped some very close friends with their battles against cancer.  Last year as we pivoted to My Pelotonia, I found myself with some extra time to be creative in showing my support.  I reached out to my large group of volunteers that I lead and was grateful to have Karen and Theda, who were eager to help me make my vision a reality. 

Karen’s Story:

From someone new to the Pelotonia organization, it is the first volunteer opportunity I have had where I truly feel a part of a family who supports each other and mostly shares the common goal of the fight against cancer.  I am excited about helping provide a new and visible way to show our unity and spread the word about cancer research and treatment.  The journey will continue at The James and on the roads for bikers everywhere.

Dimensions: 12” x 19” total, actual flag is 17.5” in length and the black loops are 1.5”