Pelotonia Hoorag


Pelotonia Doo-Rag with the evergreen arrow. Great for wearing underneath your bike helmet and keeping the Pelotonia sweat out of your eyes!

Larry's Story:

I am a  clinical endocrinologist who sees patients in the James with endocrine tumors and inherited tumor syndromes, and my research group studies how the genes that cause these tumors work at the cellular level. I have seen the impact this dreaded disease has on people and their families, and, await the day when the research that Pelotonia supports is translated into treatments that will make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, friends, and families. I rode 100 miles in the inaugural Pelotonia in 2009, and have been inspired to ride 100 miles for this great cause every year so far, except for year 10--when I rode the 180 mile trip! My wonderful wife and I ride together as legends, and we intend to keep going strong until we reach our goal of a cancer-free world.