2022 Pelotonia x Land Grant Tee

$20.00 $32.00

LAND GRANT, LOCATED IN 12,000-SQUARE-FOOT HISTORIC BUILDING AT 424 W. TOWN STREET IN EAST FRANKLINTON HOME. Its huge production floor (which once built elevators and track-systems for newspaper production facilities) is home to our brand brewing facility, churning out 10-15,000 BBLs of beer annually.

The old factory was built in 1920, and bringing this old building up to snuff was an endeavor; countless blood, sweat, and beers were poured into demo and construction from a cast of amazing folks, namely, Compton Construction and Mode Architects.

The brewing operation gets started on our beautiful American designed and manufactured brewhouse from the WM Sprinkman in Wisconsin. Fermentation takes place in one of our eight 80 BBL, five 40 BBL, 60 BBL, or 20 BBL fermentation tanks. The beer finishes up in one of our two 40 BBL or 80 BBL brites. After that, finished beer goes into kegs or heads over to the packaging area for canning. We were the first Columbus brewery to can beer on our own canning line, a semi-automated 5 head Cask line that churns out canned beer at a healthy clip. Since then we’ve upgraded to a new canning line that doubles up the output of that original canning line. From there, beer heads to the cold room, and then either out the back door for distribution around Cent or up front to our onsite taproom.

Free tours of the brewery our available via our taproom on Saturdays at 3pm. No need to buy tickets or RSVP, just arrive at the taproom at about quarter ’til 3.