15 Year - Apple Watch Band


Click here to purchase the blue band. 

Click here to purchase the green band. 

Bands will have options for size (7.5" x 0.75" / series 38/40,   7.5" x 0.75" / series 42/44,   8" x 0.75 / series 38/40,   8" x 0.75 / series 42/44)  and hardware in either black or rose gold.  Hardware is stainless steel. Bands are 100% Thermo Elastomer. Buckle is Anodized Aluminum.

Michael's Story:

"This is my 5th year riding Pelotonia. My Mom was a cancer survivor (beating breast cancer twice) and previously I did cancer walks with her.  Two years ago my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. And during my 3rd ride I knew that while I might be struggling up a hill, she was in the middle of chemo treatments. I also knew she was getting the best care possible at The James.  Sadly she passed 2 months after that third ride... and I rode my 4th ride without her cheering my efforts on for the first time. I continue to ride for my mom... and want to do what I can to fight and beat cancer for everyone."