Pelotonia Dog Bandanas


Gina Keane - Pelotonia rider

Gina rode in Pelotonia in 2015/ 2016 and immediately fell in love with the ride and atmosphere of Pelotonia. She rode with her past co-workers and loved being a part of a team that trained together. Before riding, she had never ridden a road bike but her team quickly got her introduced and were nothing but welcoming. Although, most of her family members aren't affected by cancer, she knows that millions of people die from this disease every year and would like to be a helping hand in finding a cure. She would like to give back by personalizing her handmade dog bandanas with the Pelotonia brand.


Six One Fur Pet Boutique was started with a vision to bring unique, trendy, and creatively-designed dog accessories to Columbus, OH (the 614).

Gina Keane, graphic designer behind the brand, brings her creativity to things she loves the most: dog bandanas, puns, and hand lettering.

Gina specifically picks fabrics to suit every trend of the season so that every pup gets an accessory to wear for any occasion. Whether you’re getting married, heading to an OSU game, enjoying a crisp Fall Pumpkin Spice Latte, or just having a pup-aholic beverage with your best fur-iend — there is a bandana for every relatable moment with your pup!

Her bandanas are 100% handmade with high-quality cotton. They easily slip on your pup's collar so that your doggo is happy, comfortable, and stylish

You can find her bandanas at the market and online via her Etsy shop:

She hopes to bring more wearable pup accessories to her shop as she grows her business including a pup-fluencer program that adds value to her follower’s online experience

Give her a follow @sixonefur to stay up to date with current launches and releases as she brings relatable thoughts to pups in the 614!